Monday, 15 April 2013

Using Social Media As A Career Tool

Social media can be a great career management tool - but exercise caution!
Photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa

Social media is a valuable tool for any career management strategy. If used wisely it can be used to:
  • showcase your work and achievements
  • reflect your personal style
  • research a prospective employer and their brand
  • build your personal network
  • keep in touch with valuable contacts

However always remember that social media is a public forum. That might sound obvious but, depending on your privacy settings, whatever you post (both positive and negative) is available for public scrutiny. That means that prospective employers can also research you.

As a recruiter I can vouch for the fact that social media profiles are often reviewed in the recruitment process. Even though you are not bad mouthing anybody - are you portraying the image you want to show prospective employers? I guess its a question of checking out the privacy settings or consider the pics you post after a Saturday night out!  

What personal brand do you want to display?

Enough of all back to the positives of social media

In this post we are going to focus on Pinterest. 
Pinterest can be a great fun career management tool

I loved this article by Alison Doyle at which sums up how Pinterest can be used effectively in managing your career. As a visual person I love Pinterest and so have created some boards which you might find helpful:
 We will consider other forms of social media in subsequent posts.

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